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March 9, 2023

Vivika Spinelli: Trauma Doesn't Define You

Vivika Spinelli: Trauma Doesn't Define You

Episode 84 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Vivika Spinelli, a beautiful and vibrant woman who has experienced multiple traumas in her life. Rather than focusing on the negatives and living in a victim mentality, she has opted to view life from a positive lens by realizing that trauma happened to her but does not define her. 

During this episode, Vivika shares the pivotal moment at six years old when she learned to ask herself the question, "What's the worst that could happen?" She talks about how asking herself this one question has helped her make many important life decisions. She has instilled this mantra in her two sons as well and tells us why she believes many kids now are experiencing more trauma than previous generations, often of their own making. Vivika and I discuss politics (without getting political) and why we as a society need to be more open to hearing others' opinions and beliefs. If you've ever experienced trauma, struggle to stay positive, or fear being a little uncomfortable to reach your goals, Vivika has some great advice and will inspire you to move forward in your life today.

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