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The guests on this show have such inspiring stories. They give me hope. Claudia is an energetic host and a great interviewer. I really appreciate the questions she asks and how she brings out the best in her guests.


This is an every person podcast. Claudia does a great job of selecting guests and asking them engaging questions. The guests are everyday folks with uplifting stories to tell.

Real, Raw, and Relatable

I really enjoy these conversations! There is no holding back and it allows me to feel connected to the host/guest and the topic being discussed. Definitely recommend it!

Real People with REAL Stories

Claudia is a great host who has real talk with real people. People who are just as the title of the show says - they are strong enough. Strong Enough to get through whatever they had to overcome. Every episode is empowering and reminds me why I hit that subscribe button.

As real as it gets!

This show is as real as it gets. No fakes, no pretense, just honest truth and stories from experience and the heart.