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Oct. 28, 2021

Tim Beisiegel: From PTSD to Podcaster

Tim Beisiegel: From PTSD to Podcaster

Episode Twenty-six of Strong Enough Podcast brings Tim Beisiegel, a business owner and podcast host. Tim is a dedicated family man who was diagnosed with PTSD after the severe illness and lengthy hospitalization of his daughter. Tim sought help after having a panic attack during a trip to the hospital for a scheduled doctor appointment with his daughter.

During this episode, Tim shares the struggles both he and his wife encountered while spending more than three months straight in the hospital with their sick daughter. Tim discusses breaking the stigma of talking about mental health struggles and how he has healed and moved forward with his family after learning and accepting that he was suffering from PTSD. Tim also talks about his three podcasts and how they came to be as part of his healing process.

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