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May 25, 2023

Terri Banner: Phoenix Risen

Terri Banner: Phoenix Risen

Strong Enough Episode 92: Terri Banner Talks Losing it All and Rising From the Ashes

Episode 92 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Terri Banner, aka TK Banner, an author and teacher who has found her niche in counseling women to break free from their doubts and achieve their passion in life. After losing everything in the Camp Fire of 2018, Terri picked herself up and achieved new levels, and she considers herself a literal phoenix who rose from the ashes.

During this episode, Terri shares what it was like to lose everything she had and how she was able to focus on moving forward when it would have been so easy to give up. She talks about teaching and writing and how she is fueled by helping others achieve greatness. If you sometimes feel like you've been pushed down by life and simply can't get back up, you need to hear Terri's story!

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