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Aug. 25, 2022

Staci Backauskas: You're Never the Only One

Staci Backauskas: You're Never the Only One

Episode 67 of Strong Enough Podcast brings back fan favorite, Staci Backauskas, better known as Staci B. Staci and I talk about trauma healing and why the process isn't linear. Staci shares what you can do when you feel the trauma sneaking back into your life after you thought you had healed.

During this episode, Staci opens up about her own recent struggles and how she has come to terms with the next steps she needs to take to better her life. We also talk about EMDR therapy and the types of incredible realizations that can happen when you let your brain make connections from traumatic experiences to other moments in your life. If you've ever been through a traumatic event or want to support someone who has, you need to hear what Staci shares.

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Staci Backauskas