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June 16, 2022

Staci Backauskas: Trauma to Truth

Staci Backauskas: Trauma to Truth

Episode 57 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Staci Backauskas, a beautiful and energetic storyteller, educator, and soul excavator. Staci helps people who suffered from early trauma to reconnect with their true selves.

During this episode, Staci talks about the process of healing from trauma, and how and why it isn't linear. She explains why we need to give ourselves a break when we thought we healed but find trauma creeping back in and affecting our lives. Staci also shares what we can do when we gaslight ourselves and how we can understand and deal with fear versus danger in our lives. Staci's dynamic personality will have you ready to charge through whatever obstacles are standing in your way!

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Staci Backauskas


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