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Feb. 9, 2023

Staci B: No Energy Vampires Allowed

Staci B: No Energy Vampires Allowed

Episode 82 of Strong Enough Podcast brings back fan favorite, Staci B, an author and speaker whose mission is to support others in connecting to their true selves. Staci's ability to approach life's challenges with humor, honesty, and vulnerability is both endearing and inspirational.  

During this episode, Staci and I talk about the importance of vulnerability when going through a challenging time, and the need to approach being vulnerable with people who are trusted and safe. We also discuss why it's alright to sometimes stop trying to fix something in your life and instead move on to building something new. Staci shares the uncomfortable truths about acting like a victim and what we can do to recognize this behavior and change it for the better. If you've ever experienced trauma and want to better understand how to navigate your relationship with yourself, with others, and with all the challenges life brings, you need to hear Staci's message!

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Staci B


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Socials: @strongenoughpod