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Feb. 17, 2022

Sonia Frontera: Divorce Happier

Sonia Frontera: Divorce Happier

Episode forty of Strong Enough Podcast brings Sonia Frontera, attorney and author. Sonia has become known as the "divorce attorney with a heart" because of her unique strategy of approaching divorce with her clients in a way that helps end marriages amicably and with less time fighting in court. Sonia's forward-thinking approach came after her own experience in a troubled marriage.

During this episode, Sonia talks about experiencing abuse in her marriage, including the often-ignored spiritual or religious abuse. She shares how she was inspired to become an attorney and an author committed to helping others determine if their marriage is savable, and if not, how to navigate divorce, heal, and move on to a healthier and happier life. Sonia's positive outlook is infectious, and her advice is sure to help those navigating a troubled marriage or a difficult relationship.

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