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March 16, 2023

Shelby Hansen: Create a Beautiful Life

Shelby Hansen: Create a Beautiful Life

Episode 85 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Shelby Hansen, a charismatic and energetic life coach who provides "Living Your Vibrant Life" Coaching. Shelby helps people learn how to increase their energy level, decrease chronic pain, and live life on their terms again.

During this episode, Shelby talks about her own experience navigating life, pregnancy, and motherhood through kidney failure and a subsequent kidney transplant. She shares why she feels fortunate for her transplant list experience and why this has made her an advocate for the people who experience discrimination in getting on the list. Shelby discusses mindset and the importance of how we frame life events so we can reduce victim mentality and live happier and healthier. Shelby also provides five great tips that will help you through any challenge. If you've ever wondered how some people who have gone through so much still seem to have it all together and stay positive, then Shelby's story will inspire you to reframe your experiences and increase your happiness, energy, and productivity.

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Shelby Hansen


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