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Nov. 25, 2021

Russell Mano: Surviving Domestic Violence

Russell Mano: Surviving Domestic Violence

Episode Thirty of Strong Enough Podcast brings Russell Mano, a devoted husband and father. Before his current marriage, Russell experienced a string of failed relationships that culminated in an 18-month abusive relationship that left him with both physical and emotional scars. Russell opens up about being a victim of domestic abuse and the patterns in his past that led him there.

During this episode, Russell talks about the red flags he brushed off in the early stages of the relationship and the ways his abuser controlled him with isolation, gaslighting, and emotional abuse. He shares how he was able to finally break free from his abuser, the steps he took to begin his healing process, and what he's teaching his kids to help them avoid unsafe or unhealthy relationships when they get older. Russell gives advice for those currently in unhealthy relationships as well as for people who want to make their healthy relationships better and stronger.

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