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March 10, 2022

Russell Loo: Relationships Redefined

Russell Loo: Relationships Redefined

Episode forty-three of Strong Enough Podcast brings Russell Loo, a tattoo apprentice at Revolt Tattoos under famed artist, Joey Hamilton. Russell shares why he decided to completely change his career path over the age of 40, and he talks about convincing an Ink Master to take him on as an apprentice. Russell also discusses his experience as a divorced father and what changes he made to ensure his current marriage is successful.

During this episode, Russell opens up about an unconventional path that he and his wife have taken in their quest to find happiness as a couple. He talks about challenges they have faced and how they continue to reshape their marriage, improve their communication, and stay true to themselves and one another. Russell’s honesty, positive attitude, and ability to be unapologetically himself are enviable.

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