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April 14, 2022

Russell and Sarah Loo: Make it Work

Russell and Sarah Loo: Make it Work

Episode forty-eight of Strong Enough Podcast brings our first return guest, Russell Loo, along with his beautiful wife, Sarah. First, Russell gives an update on his apprenticeship at Revolt Tattoos with Joey Hamilton. Then, the couple talks about why they decided to change the dynamic of their marriage to something that many would consider unorthodox. Yet, Russell and Sarah find that it works for them and has made them stronger as a duo.

During this episode, Sarah talks about the importance of staying strong as a couple and finding a way to compromise when you want to stay together. She shares why it's important for even friends to respect your romantic relationship and what can go wrong if they don't. Russell discusses why it can seem easier to keep things from your spouse or partner when it may hurt them, and he elaborates on why having the tough conversations will always be a better way to go. You don't want to miss the raw and unfiltered look into a relationship that has found strength in the unconventional.

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