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June 24, 2021

Rick DeJesus: Chasing Greatness

Rick DeJesus: Chasing Greatness

Episode Eight of Strong Enough Podcast brings an insightful, raw, and real conversation with Rick DeJesus, founder and lead singer of Adelitas Way. Rick talks about growing up in Philly, watching friends and family struggle with addiction and drug overdoses, and vowing that he would make more of his life than what he saw around him. He even shares the unorthodox way he got to Vegas and started recording music.

During this episode, Rick opens up about dealing with depression and the wellness activities he practices today to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally strong. He talks about always putting his family first, and he gives us all some great relationship and wellness advice. Rick's passion and intensity is undeniable, and it comes through in every story he shares and every bit of advice he gives. This is a look at Rick that you won't find anywhere else!

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