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Sept. 8, 2022

Rebecca Whitman: Seven Pillars of Abundance

Rebecca Whitman: Seven Pillars of Abundance

Episode 69 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Rebecca Whitman, a podcast host and life coach committed to empowering women to courageously practice self-love so they may experience abundance, resilience, and freedom in life. Rebecca's own traumatic events led her to realize that she deserved true happiness, and she developed the seven pillars of abundance, which all need nurturing to achieve a balanced, successful, and happy life.

During this episode, Rebecca shares the seven pillars of abundance in order of importance, and provides tips and tricks on how you can integrate these pillars into your life. She talks about side hustles and shares how finding your passion in the form of a side hustle can provide you with more happiness, more fulfillment, a better work/life balance, and ultimately, more money in your life. Finally, Rebecca shares why it's never too late to find your soul mate, and she gives you practical ways that you can step out as your most confident, authentic self.

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