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Dec. 8, 2022

Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny: Imposter No More

Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny: Imposter No More

Episode 76 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny, a marketing expert and entrepreneur who helps other people find their passions and start their own businesses. Rafi started this business after experiencing an extremely toxic work environment, where he reported to three bosses, never got any real feedback on his performance, and actually watched as two colleagues argued over whether or not they had officially terminated him.

During this episode, Rafi talks about the toll a toxic work environment took on his personal life, and what he did to work through imposter syndrome further along in his career. He shares how he was able to boost his professional confidence and talks about his experiment to quantify happiness and productivity through a move to Hawaii. Rafi shares some quick and easy tips that will improve your outlook and your happiness. Rafi's unique take on professional life and the importance of happiness will make you smile and give you more confidence in how you can increase your own happiness at work and in life by being content and happy with where you're headed.

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Rafi Pryntz-Nadworny


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