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Sept. 1, 2022

Rachelle McCloud: New Ways to Heal

Rachelle McCloud: New Ways to Heal

Episode 68 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Rachelle McCloud, a therapist and emotional wellness coach passionate about helping rid symptoms of anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress. Rachelle found herself unhappy with the results of talk therapy and embarked on a path to learn new and innovative ways that people can heal their bodies and their brains.

During this episode, Rachelle shares about alternative intervention techniques that she uses to empower people to get rid of symptoms and heal. She discusses why there can be a lack of progress or symptom resolution despite years of traditional therapy. Rachelle also talks about why symptoms of anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress are actually opportunities we can utilize to discover the root cause of the problem and set out on a path to heal. Rachelle's knowledge, insight, and tips will lead you to more fulfillment from life and your relationships.

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