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Aug. 4, 2022

Philippa Robinson: The Ripple Effect

Philippa Robinson: The Ripple Effect

Episode 64 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Philippa Robinson, a life coach, author, and host of The Meeting of Minds Podcast. Philippa shares how childhood trauma shaped her career path and led her to a job where she spent almost thirty years but was unhappy nearly the entire time. Philippa decided it wasn't too late for her own happiness, and through her personal healing and transformation, she discovered her passion to guide people to be the truest version of themselves.

During this episode, Philippa talks about how challenging it was for her to learn to put herself first, but she knew it was necessary when she began to suffer physical consequences from her emotional trauma. Her healing journey led her to author the book I See, Me and beautifully details her path from "less than" to "enough." Philippa details how taking care of yourself can lead to a ripple effect, positively impacting others in your life. Philippa's journey is truly inspiring and hearing her story of triumph will leave you ready to heal from your past and make the most of your future.


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