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March 2, 2023

Michael Sugrue: Man Behind the Badge

Michael Sugrue: Man Behind the Badge

Episode 83 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Michael Sugrue, a retired Police Sergeant and veteran turned author and advocate. After experiencing several traumatic events as a police officer, Michael began to feel the weight of the post-traumatic stress taking over his life, leading him to be withdrawn, miserable, and even wishing he would die in the line of duty. Michael has since retired, authored a best-selling book about his life and experiences, and now works to increase awareness around the necessity of mental health wellness for first responders. 

During this episode, Michael opens up about the struggles he went through dealing with the aftermath of multiple traumas he encountered as a first responder. Michael talks about the challenge of feeling alone and like no one understood or cared what he was going through. Michael's rock bottom and desire to get help came when he learned his best friend nearly committed suicide while on duty. Michael explains that a better term for PTSD is actually Post-Traumatic Stress Injury, recognizing that an injury (and not a disorder) has occurred and thus, can be healed and made better. Finally, Michael shares about his best-selling book, Relentless Courage: Winning the Battle Against Frontline Trauma and why it's a necessary read, not just for first responders, but for anyone who has experienced trauma and has hope to heal.

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Sgt. Michael Sugrue (Ret.)

Amazon: Relentless Courage: Winning the Battle Against Fronline Trauma

Socials: @sergeant_michael_sugrue

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