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Dec. 23, 2021

Mia Tarduno: Trauma-Informed Truths

Mia Tarduno: Trauma-Informed Truths

Episode Thirty-four of Strong Enough Podcast brings Mia Tarduno, an entrepreneur and trauma-informed yoga instructor in Summit County, Colorado. Mia shares why she became passionate about helping women by using gentle movement that is safe, uplifting, and empowering.

During this episode, Mia talks about spending time learning to embrace a gentler way to teach that would be beneficial to survivors. She explains trauma-informed practices, how they differ, and how the things she teaches can be utilized in many different aspects of life to reduce anxiety and improve mental health. She breaks down who trauma-informed yoga is right for (pretty much all of us!) and gives meaningful advice we can all use in our day-to-day lives.

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