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Aug. 5, 2021

Liva RJ: From Surviving to Living

Liva RJ: From Surviving to Living

Episode Fourteen of Strong Enough Podcast brings Liva RJ, a Holistic Executive Coach. Liva works with women from all backgrounds to help them turn their wounds into wisdom and live happy, positive, and uplifting lives. Liva's own traumas give her the insight, compassion, and drive to help others. She shares why being adaptable can be both a strength and a weakness and that it's okay to shed the mask of trauma and not be okay all the time.

During this episode, Liva talks about several traumas that shaped her, including losing her father at the age of 1.5 in a car accident that also left her mother maimed and unable to properly care for her. Her mother sent her to live with relatives, who abused Liva mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually. In 2001, Liva found herself in a situation that brought all her previous traumas to the surface, forcing her to face them and get the help she needed: 9/11. Liva's strength and positivity are nothing short of inspirational.

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