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Jan. 19, 2023

Kamini Wood: Ditch the Self-Sabotage

Kamini Wood: Ditch the Self-Sabotage

Episode 79 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Kamini Wood, a certified life coach focused on helping high achievers heal their relationships with the most important person of all: themselves. Kamini considers herself a "recovering perfectionist" who spent many years drowning in self-doubt and thoughts of never being good enough.


During this episode, Kamini and I talk about imposter syndrome and how we can move past it to recognize our worth. Kamini also shares why perfectionism is actually a negative and what makes us tend to self-sabotage. She discusses steps we can take to move from these negative behaviors to more productive habits that will have us happier and healthier. If you've ever doubted your abilities or found yourself in the self-sabotage loop, you need to hear Kamini's advice!


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