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Oct. 7, 2021

Joy Johnston: I Will Survive

Joy Johnston: I Will Survive

Episode Twenty-three of Strong Enough Podcast brings Joy Johnston, a radiant and charismatic South African author and coach. Behind Joy’s contagious smile is a strong, resilient woman who survived brain surgery as a child, a narcissistic mother, and an abusive husband from whom she has only recently escaped.

During this episode, Joy shares how the family dynamic she experienced growing up shaped her and led her to choose a narcissistic and abusive husband. She openly discusses the lengths her husband went to to try and control her when she decided it was time to leave and how she lost her familial relationships in the process. Joy talks about her children and what she is doing differently than her parents so her kids are happy, healthy, and strong. Despite her struggles, Joy is optimistic about her future and is helping others find their path.

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