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Feb. 10, 2022

Joey Hamilton: The Business of Art

Joey Hamilton: The Business of Art

Episode thirty-nine of Strong Enough Podcast brings Ink Master Season 3 winner, Joey Hamilton. Joey’s appearance on Strong Enough provides a rare “behind the scenes” look at his life beyond being an award-winning tattoo artist.

During this episode, Joey talks about being a business owner and the challenge of balancing his business and his passion. He also shares on his time in the military, how he feels about mentoring other artists, and what he learned through divorce that helps keep his marriage strong and healthy. Joey discusses why he believes focusing on the positive will bring good things to your life. Joey and I discuss why he thinks NFTs are a great opportunity to own art, and he shares the plan and timeline for his first NFT release (spoiler: it’s amazing!). You don’t want to miss this unprecedented look into Joey and what he’s really like as a person, not just an artist.

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