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May 19, 2022

Jenn Junod: Sh!t To Talk About

Jenn Junod: Sh!t To Talk About

Episode fifty-three of Strong Enough Podcast brings Jenn Junod, host of "Sh!t You Don't Want to Talk About," a podcast aimed at changing the conversation and the stigma around the uncomfortable things we don't want to talk about. Jenn's own childhood was filled with solitary confinement, abuse, and gaslighting, and her experiences led her to give others a place to find hope and healing and see that they are not alone.

During this episode, Jenn shares some of the trauma she experienced growing up and how these traumas affected her and her relationships. She discusses how she was able to forgive her mother, who was complicit in some of her abuse, and set healthy boundaries that have strengthened their relationship. Jenn provides helpful tips that we can all use to cope with traumatic experiences in our lives. Jenn's upbeat attitude and ability to shift her focus away from what others think will inspire you!

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Jenn Junod