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March 31, 2022

Jenn DeBeers: Suck It Up

Jenn DeBeers: Suck It Up

Episode forty-six of Strong Enough Podcast brings Jenn DeBeers, a smart, funny, and beautiful woman working in marketing and running her own fitness apparel company. After going into remission from a chronic illness and healing from a toxic relationship, Jenn re-entered the dating field ready to find true love. After spotting a few red flags from the guy she was seeing, Jenn decided to do a little research, which led her to learn the scary truth about the man she had been dating.

During this episode, Jenn talks about surviving abuse and witnessing addiction as a child and understanding how this affected her in adult relationships. She shares the red flags she noticed in her new relationship and why they made her suspicious. She discusses the steps she took to learn the truth and explains why it's okay to do a little research when you meet someone new. Most importantly, Jenn implores everyone watching and listening to know their worth and not settle for anything less than the best when it comes to life and love.

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