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July 21, 2022

Jenn DeBeers: Protect Your Peace

Jenn DeBeers: Protect Your Peace

Episode 62 of Strong Enough Podcast brings repeat guest, Jenn DeBeers. Jenn's previous appearances include Episode 46 (Suck It Up) and Episode 49 (Stolen Valor). Jenn has been living with chronic illness for the last few years and has learned how to adjust her life and her expectations so that she is still happy and also kind to her body.

During this episode, Jenn shares the agonizing process of losing part of her identity when she lost her hair due to her chronic illness. She talks about tips and tricks she used to find meaningful and accurate information online and how to better advocate for yourself. Whether you're dealing with chronic illness yourself or simply need to learn how to put yourself first and stand up for yourself with others, Jenn's advice will leave you with more confidence when you want to say, "Acknowledge me!"

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