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July 22, 2021

Jeffrey Deskovic: When the Truth Doesn't Set You Free

Jeffrey Deskovic: When the Truth Doesn't Set You Free

Episode Twelve of Strong Enough Podcast brings Jeffrey Deskovic, an attorney and founder of the Deskovic Foundation. Jeff was wrongfully convicted of murder and rape as a teenager and spent 16 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated him. In the years since his release, Jeff has dedicated his life to helping others who have also been wrongfully convicted.

During this episode, Jeff shares the strategies he used to make life in prison bearable, and how a pen pal gave him the strength to keep going when he thought all hope was lost. He talks about the difficulty he has experienced in building relationships, and why he doesn’t throw out the term “friend” to just anyone. Jeff’s positivity, optimism, and strength are simply remarkable.

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