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Sept. 23, 2021

Jeff Bowman: The Road to Redemption

Jeff Bowman: The Road to Redemption

Episode Twenty-one of Strong Enough Podcast brings Jeff Bowman, a married father living in Kentucky. Jeff candidly discusses the addiction that began when he was a child, played a major part in ending his first marriage, and almost took his second marriage - and his life.

During this episode, Jeff talks about growing up with an alcoholic parent and finding safety and security in a friend’s family. When this friend tragically died, Jeff not only lost his friend but also the place he identified as a home. Jeff’s path then spiraled between religion and addiction, and he found himself living a lie throughout two marriages. When he learned his addiction may become public, he believed there was only one solution - taking his own life. When Jeff woke up still alive, he decided to change his life, and he shares how he tackled the long road to redemption.

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