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July 14, 2022

Izolda Trakhtenberg: Creative Genius

Izolda Trakhtenberg: Creative Genius

Episode 61 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Izolda Trakhtenberg, a speaker, author, and coach. As a child, Izolda immigrated to the US from the former Soviet Union and experienced life in a war zone and child abuse and trauma. In the US, Izolda poured herself into her career, working at both National Geographic Society and NASA. 

During this episode, Izolda shares how her experiences growing up affected her as an adult. She discusses learning to find her own creative genius to beat burnout, and she provides some excellent advice on how all of us can begin to find our own creative genius. Izolda' practical tips will have you ready to live your life with a better work/life balance to avoid burnout and dig deep to discover the creative genius lurking inside of you!

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Izolda Trakhtenberg