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Oct. 14, 2021

Gordon Jenkins: Saved by a Rubber Duck

Gordon Jenkins: Saved by a Rubber Duck

Episode Twenty-four of Strong Enough Podcast brings Gordon Jenkins, a charismatic Executive Coach and Author who went from the corporate world to being a caretaker when his wife required a double lung transplant. They planned their remaining time together based on the average seven-year life span following transplants, but six years in, Gordon’s wife decided to forget the odds and live life to its fullest…and its longest.

During this episode, Gordon discusses the importance of experiences with loved ones and why he doesn’t hesitate to remove negativity from his life. Gordon talks about his own struggles in caring for his wife, and he candidly shares about the day he decided to take his own life…and how a little rubber duck sitting on the passenger seat of his car saved him.

#marriage #chronicillness #love