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May 12, 2022

Geoff Seow: Addicted to Inspire

Geoff Seow: Addicted to Inspire

Episode fifty-two of Strong Enough Podcast brings Geoff Seow, the founder of MindAxis Life Coaching. Geoff became a coach after he realized his life was going in the wrong direction, filled with drugs, alcohol, and corporate burnout. Geoff knew he needed to make a change in his life, and in 2020, he left the drugs and alcohol behind for a healthier and happy way of life.

During this episode, Geoff shares how his life has changed since he overcame his addiction and began coaching others. He talks about finding his mission to help unfulfilled Millennials create an inspired vision for their future through overcoming self-doubt. Geoff's no-nonsense attitude to get things done will leave you ready to examine your own life and find the ways to be your healthiest, happiest, and most authentic self.

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