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June 10, 2021

Forrest Lang: Never Give Up on Yourself

Forrest Lang: Never Give Up on Yourself

Episode Six of Strong Enough Podcast brings a deep and profound conversation with Author, Tattooer, and Survivor Forrest Lang. Forrest talks about the incredible traumas from his childhood, moving from one abusive household to another. Forrest shares how these experiences continued to haunt him and affect his adult life and relationships until he started to look inward and understand that he was worthy and deserving of healing and love.

During this episode, Forrest doesn't hold back in discussing the abuse he suffered from the people he was supposed to be able to love and trust the most. He also shares what he has done to turn his life around and move from a place of victim to survivor. You'll hear about the work he does with other survivors and why a coverup is the most meaningful tattoo he's ever done. Forrest is an open book, and we can all gain meaning from his candor and insight.

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