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April 21, 2022

Eric Herrera and Jenn DeBeers: Stolen Valor

Eric Herrera and Jenn DeBeers: Stolen Valor

Episode forty-nine of Strong Enough Podcast brings two previous guests, Veteran Eric Herrera and Jenn DeBeers. Jenn and I will share stories about people pretending to have served in the Military, and Eric will provide insight and information about this growing trend: Stolen Valor.

During this episode, Eric provides practical questions to ask and what to look out for if you suspect Stolen Valor. He shows military uniforms and tells us how they should look and what you may see if someone hasn't actually served. The three of us discuss the similarities in the stories that Jenn and I share from two different people, and we talk about what might lead someone to lie about or embellish their military service. This is a can't miss episode about people who may be untruthful about prior military service and how you can determine whether someone's story is real or not.

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