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April 6, 2023

Eric Bishop: A New Beginning

Eric Bishop: A New Beginning

Episode 86 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Eric Bishop, a single father who turned his passion for the written word and dreams of crafting a novel into reality. Eric's novel, The Body Man, debuted in late 2021, and has garnered rave reviews from readers all over the world. 

During this episode, Eric shares the struggles he experienced as he navigated life as a newly-divorced father of two and how he worked through the trauma of divorce to find a place of peace and healing. He discusses the importance of happiness and why it has been important for him to take a step back and learn more about himself before diving back into the dating world. Eric also talks about life as a writer and why one of the best pieces of advice he can give is to keep going and finish the project once you start. If you are passionate about something but afraid to really dive in or if you feel like you have to stay in a relationship for the good of the family, you need to hear Eric's story and his advice!

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