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June 2, 2022

Emily LaPrairie: Rules Optional

Emily LaPrairie: Rules Optional

Episode fifty-five of Strong Enough Podcast brings Emily LaPrairie, a charismatic entrepreneur who found herself feeling lost and unfulfilled in the traditional workforce. Because she put everyone else first, Emily constantly felt that her own needs weren't being met, and she decided to venture out as an entrepreneur.

During this episode, Emily shares how she struggled to find her own way in business until she realized that it was more important for her to be herself and follow her instincts than it was to follow the rules everyone told her were necessary for entrepreneurial success. She also talks about the challenges of being neurodivergent and how this has affected her. Finally, Emily gives great advice to anyone who feels unfulfilled at work or who is thinking of starting their own business. Emily's "rules were meant to be broken" attitude will absolutely inspire you to color outside the lines if it means uncovering true happiness.

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Emily LaPrairie

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