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May 26, 2022

Dr. Sara Roth: The Marriage Planner

Dr. Sara Roth: The Marriage Planner

Episode fifty-four of Strong Enough Podcast brings Dr. Sara Roth, a therapist and coach better known as the Marriage Planner. Dr. Sara helps couples learn preventative measures to create stronger and healthier relationships. While Dr. Sara's professional efforts are focused on engaged or newly-married couples, the advice she shares in this episode is meaningful for romantic relationships of any length, as well as friendships and familial relationships.

During this episode, Dr. Sara explains why conflict doesn't have to be feared and how it can bring people closer and help them better understand one another. She shares what you can do to prepare for a relationship and why you shouldn't blame yourself for a failed relationship. We discuss forgiveness and why it really isn't necessary to move forward in a healthy way. Whether you are currently in a relationship or considering getting back into the dating game, Dr. Sara has great advice that will help you gain confidence and strengthen your relationships.

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Guest Information:

Dr. Sara Roth

Instagram: @the_marriageplanner

Facebook: Dr. Sara - The Marriage Planner