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Dec. 16, 2021

Dr. Robb Kelly: The Problem is Our Thinking

Dr. Robb Kelly: The Problem is Our Thinking

Episode Thirty-three of Strong Enough Podcast brings Dr. Robb Kelly, founder of Robb Kelly Recovery Group, the premiere recovery coaching program that boasts a 97% success rate. Dr. Robb struggled with alcoholism, and only after being homeless for over a year did he realize it was time to change for the better. His recovery method focuses on mindset and addressing the trauma that leads individuals to alcoholism.

During this episode, Dr. Robb shares how a childhood filled with abandonment and trauma led him to his first drink at the age of 9. Dr. Robb became a successful musician, working at the famed Abbey Roads Studio as a teenager. However, his alcoholism controlled his life, leading to a failed marriage, estrangement from his children, and ultimately, homelessness. Dr. Robb then realized it was time to heal his life, and he then began helping others do the same. Dr. Robb has appeared on The Doctors and on multiple podcasts, sharing his story and giving others hope that they, too, can recover and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

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