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Jan. 12, 2023

Dr. Alison J. Kay: Pathway to Healing

Dr. Alison J. Kay: Pathway to Healing

Episode 78 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Dr. Alison J. Kay, a best-selling author and founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. With 20+ years working in and teaching Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, MindBody Fitness, Longevity and Holistic Health, Dr. Alison brings a unique perspective that helps facilitate massive change for individuals who are ready to dig deep and do the work.


During this episode, Dr. Alison and I talk about how past traumas can affect our current decision-making process, even when we don't realize it. Dr. Alison is going to share how our energy can make us feel better both mentally and physically., and why we need to recognize the importance of positive energy in our lives. If you've ever wondered what could be holding you back from happiness after you believe you healed from the past, you'll want to hear what Dr. Alison has to share!


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