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Aug. 18, 2022

Donna Palomba: Jane Doe No More

Donna Palomba: Jane Doe No More

Episode 66 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Donna Palomba, survivor and founder of the nonprofit, Jane Doe No More. Donna's passion to empower survivors came about after a 1993 sexual assault and the aftermath that occurred when she reported the horrific crime to the Waterbury CT Police Department. Donna spent years waiting on the police to act, and only after a lawsuit against Waterbury PD and additional attempted crimes by her attacker was he caught for her rape. However, the Statute of Limitations had long since passed, and her perpetrator could only be charged with her kidnapping. 


During this episode, Donna shares the trauma she experienced when the police investigating her assault didn't believe her and instead threatened to charge her for false reporting. She details the years-long journey she took to hold the police accountable and ensure that her attacker was finally caught and prevented from harming any other women. Donna's compelling and inspiring story of survival following a home invasion, sexual assault and the revictimization by those who were supposed to protect her has been the feature of two Dateline episodes. She continues her work empowering survivors of sexual crimes to find their voice, advance their healing and go on to educate others. Jane Doe No More's Duty Trumps Doubt program helps first responders understand more about the trauma victims of sexual crimes experience and how to respond appropriately to minimize revictimization.

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