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June 30, 2022

Denise Wester: Busting Through

Denise Wester: Busting Through

Episode 59 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Denise Wester, author of Busting Through, a journaling workbook that will help you gain the clarity and courage to take action towards transforming your life. Denise's own story of growing up in a restrictive religion and then finding herself in a controlling marriage led her to bust through in her own effort to find the life that she wanted and deserved.

During this episode, Denise shares how the stories that we tell ourselves can keep us feeling trapped and held back from achieving our goals. Denise provides great advice on how we can move past these stories and find a place of courage, clarity, and happiness. Denise also shares her powerful "WALL" method that will give you the action steps you need to let go of the negative thoughts and find true peace and joy.

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Denise Wester