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April 7, 2022

Daniel Reyes: Weigh To Go

Daniel Reyes: Weigh To Go

Episode forty-seven of Strong Enough Podcast brings Daniel Reyes, a charismatic and energetic man on a journey to better himself physically. After spending a month in the hospital on two occasions for blood clots and related surgery, Daniel was told that he needed to lose weight or he only had a few years left to live. He contemplated weight loss surgery, but after losing only half the weight he was supposed to on a liquid diet pre-surgery, he felt there had to be a different and better way. Eventually, Daniel discovered intermittent fasting and has found success, losing over 175 pounds in less than a year.

During this episode, Daniel talks about what it was like to find out he had been put in the "end-of-life" room in the hospital after blood clot surgery. He shares the ups and downs of all the ways he tried to lose weight, how he discovered intermittent fasting, and why he decided to give it a try. Daniel discusses his journey from being told he needed to lose weight or risk death to having the healthiest physicals he's ever had. He shares what it was like to be asked to tell his story to a group of cardiologists so they could learn to better help their overweight patients. Lastly, Daniel describes his fun invention that has turned intermittent fasting into a game of chance. Daniel's story of perseverance and a will to help others is one you want to hear!

**Always consult your physician before starting any weight loss program**

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