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Oct. 20, 2022

Crystal "Brolik" Stokes: Be The Example


Episode 71 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Crystal "Brolik" Stokes, a combat vet, MMA fighter, and professional football player. Despite having the physical strength and stamina envied by many, Crystal found herself the victim of domestic violence, broken down, scared, and unsure where to turn to find safety and happiness. After her daughter was born and the abuse escalated, she knew she needed to find a safer, healthier place for her and her daughter.

During this episode, Crystal describes the process used by many abusers to slowly break down, demoralize, and isolate their victims. She shares how she made a plan for her and her daughter to escape, and she discusses how she was able to heal from the emotional, mental, financial, and physical trauma she experienced. Crystal leans on her faith to guide her and to teach her daughter about actions and consequences, right and wrong, and good and bad people in the world. If you or anyone you know has ever experienced an unhealthy relationship, you need to hear Crystal's story and her advice on forgiveness and moving forward.

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Crystal "Brolik" Stokes

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