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April 13, 2023

Caley Rose: Music With a Message

Caley Rose: Music With a Message

Episode 87 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Caley Rose, a Billboard charting singer and songwriter who has a passion for ensuring children know their worth and can find hope through music. She developed her Music With a Message Program to bring confidence tools into schools through empowering music to students all over the country. 

During this episode, Caley talks about the prevalence of bullying and why women need to work harder to support one another in their endeavors. She discusses what prompted her to create Music With a Message and what she hopes she can accomplish by providing young men and women a positive role model and a great experience with music. Caley also opens up about her fears, her spirituality, and her dreams for the future. If you have ever experienced bullying or a similar trauma and are ready to work towards healing, you need to hear Caley's message. 

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