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May 11, 2023

Caleb Sprayberry: Straight Edge

Caleb Sprayberry: Straight Edge

Strong Enough Episode 90: Caleb Sprayberry Talks Military Trauma, Overcoming Addiction, and the Straight Edge Lifestyle

Episode 90 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Caleb Sprayberry, a father, husband, and veteran who overcame addiction and is now a sponsored and competitive cyclist.

During this episode, Caleb talks about experiencing trauma in the military, and how that trauma, along with trying to get ahead as a bodybuilder, led him down a dangerous path of addiction. Caleb shares how he has been able to overcome his addiction and turn his focus to more positive endeavors. He now spends his time focused on family, cycling, and showing his support for the straight edge lifestyle. If you have ever felt like life was throwing too much at you for you to overcome, then you need to hear Caleb's story!

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