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July 1, 2021

Brittany Josie: We Owe Ourselves Everything

Brittany Josie: We Owe Ourselves Everything

Episode Nine of Strong Enough Podcast brings Author and Life Coach Brittany Josie and her story of survival. After leaving home as a teenager to escape familial abuse, Brittany found herself engulfed in the cycle of abuse, now with her romantic partner. The day she left for good was the day she realized her boyfriend could kill her without even using his own hands: by manipulating her into letting her chronic illness take her life.

During this episode, Brittany opens up about her journey to becoming a survivor, revealing the bumps along the way in the form of self-medicating, guilt, and shame. Brittany talks about how she was finally able to break free, put herself first, and do the hard work to heal. Brittany passionately shares her wellness advice and who we should really be putting first in our lives.

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