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May 18, 2023

Anke Dul-van Dooren: Balanced Life

Anke Dul-van Dooren: Balanced Life

Strong Enough Episode 91: Anke Dul-van Dooren Talks Depression and Raising Special Needs Kids

Episode 91 of Strong Enough Podcast brings Anke Dul-van Dooren back for round two! Anke is a wife and mom of two kids living her best life in The Netherlands.

During this episode, Anke picks up where she left off in her first appearance, sharing more about life with depression and how she works hard to balance her own needs with those of her husband and her two daughters, both who have special needs. Anke talks about the importance of taking time for yourself, and she shares some of her best-kept self-care tips. If you ever struggle to keep it together or feel like you don't have time to take care of yourself because you're busy helping everyone else, you need to hear Anke's story!

#depression #autism #selfcare

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Anke Dul-van Dooren



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