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May 5, 2022

Amy Stephens: Trauma Transformed

Amy Stephens: Trauma Transformed

Episode fifty-one of Strong Enough Podcast brings Amy Stephens, a bright and bubbly yoga teacher and podcast host. Amy shares about a past work environment that was reminiscent of an abusive relationship. Amy discusses the red flags she may have missed or let slip by, what happened when she started setting boundaries, and how she finally made a clean break.

During this episode, Amy talks about the importance of upholding boundaries at work and in your personal life. She discusses the lessons she learned in a toxic work environment and how she carried them forward into all aspects of her life. She tells the audience how she made her way to a career where she helps others find happiness and put themselves first. Amy's candid look at her past and the lessons she learned will leave you inspired and knowing that you, too, can put yourself first!

#yoga #abuse #burnout