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July 8, 2021

Eric Skwarczynski: When Your Faith in Faith Crumbles

Eric Skwarczynski: When Your Faith in Faith Crumbles

Episode Ten of Strong Enough Podcast brings Preacher Boys Podcast creator and host Eric Skwarczynski and his detailed account of why Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church abuse became a passion for him to expose and bring greater attention. After learning that an abuser was joining his church in a leadership capacity, Eric brought his concerns to everyone he could, including the pastor, his parents, and his father-figure youth pastor. Unfortunately, Eric's concerns weren't just ignored; He was also judged, isolated, and ultimately pushed out of the church, leading him to lose faith in the one institution that had been with him his entire life.

During this episode, Eric shares what led him to choose a podcast as his outlet to expose IFB abuse and what it's like to hear story after story of horrific trauma. He also talks about grooming and how more focus should be put on these concerning behaviors. Eric also talks about his current relationship with his parents and what he hopes will happen in the future.

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